Too Many Games expo – Philly

This weekend I headed down to Philly to visit Armless Octopus EIC, Mike Wall. Fortunately there’s a big gaming scene down there as well, and due to impeccable timing, we were able to hit up the Too Many Games Expo. He said it best; “If PAX was a mall, then this is the flea market.” None the less, it was an exciting weekend filled with nostalgia as we shopped around for classic 8 and 16-bit titles from yesteryear, before finally heading home for a night of NBA Jam, NHL 95′, Mortal Kombat, and Contra. It was like the mid 90’s all over again! Capping off the trip was a screening of the Angry Video Game Nerd‘s dvd, followed by a Q&A session. I’d love to see more of his stuff or have the opportunity to work with him someday.



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