The Indie Games Summer Uprising site is up!

We’ve finally launched the Indie Games Summer Uprising site! Josh Addison, Nathan Smith, and Chris Brousseau have all done an outstanding job with the web design, art work, and initial launch trailer. You can find more of their work at Blazing Forge Games and Game Production Studios.

In addition to the site, we’ve released the initial launch trailer and press release to a number of outlets.

Be sure to “Like” us on Facebook as well, where you will have the opportunity to vote for two additional titles that you would like to see as part of the uprising. Click through for the press release.

The NeoGAF forums have a thread on it already, so why not join in on the conversation while you’re at it?

 The Indie Games Summer Uprising is upon us!

Taking note of the commercial and critical success of the Indie Game Uprising last winter,  Xbox Live’s Independent developers have banded together yet again to promote some of the most outstanding pieces of work which best represent their platform. Immediately following Xbox Live’s Summer of Arcade, gamers will have the opportunity to play some of the greatest titles to grace the platform.


Our goal is clear: Just as the previous uprising had successfully done, we are raising consumer awareness of the platform by showcasing some of the most creative diverse titles which the service has to offer. We will be releasing a total of 8 developer voted titles, each day of the business week, Monday Aug 22nd – Wednesday Aug 31st.


Community input is requested! In addition to the developer selected titles, the gaming community will have the opportunity to vote for their two favorite candidates from the 70+ developer submissions on the IGSU Facebook page from August  1st – August 15th. The community favorites will be released at the tail end of the promotion on Thursday Sept. 1st and Friday Sept. 2nd. The winners will be announced at the IGSU Developer Twitter chat, which will occur the day after the polls close on Tues Aug 16th – 8PM EST, using the hash tag #IGSU.  Moreover, the chat will offer the community a chance to communicate directly with all of the developers in a creative and immersive environment.

Indie Games Uprising Summer Schedule:
July 4thJuly 18th  Developer voting for 8 titles to represent the platform

August 1st – August 15th: Community voting for 2 additional titles they would most like to play

Tues Aug 16th – 9PM EST: IGSU Developer Twitter chat, community winners announced

August 22ndSeptember 2nd:  Promotion and release of 8 developer and 2 community voted titles

Don’t be a stranger! Visit our new site which launched today for a full list of candidates, which includes trailers and screenshots, as well an FAQ, and more!


Dave Voyles & Kris Steele,

Summer Uprising Coordinators

For more information or press inquiries, please contact Dave Voyles and Kris Steele at and

Download a copy of the launch press release below.

Download a copy of the  launch press release here



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