I'll be a guest speaker on the Indie's Got PR Talent – A Press Panel at GDC Europe

UPDATE:  Thanks @BigBossBenGilbert for the photo!

Headed to GDC Europe? Why not come take a gander at the panel I’ve been invited to attend by Deejay of Indie City.

Taken straight from his page:

I’ll be hosting the Indies’ Got PR Talent panel at GDC Europe on Monday 15th August, 12:40pm. I’ll be joined by games press veterans Mike RoseChristian Nutt and Keith Stuarterr, someone else who’s yet to be officially confirmed (That’s me!).

We’ll be going through various indie press releases, screenshots and videos, highlighting the best and worse examples. All in the format of the [INSERT COUNTRY HERE]’s Got Talent gameshow, which should add extra mirth into the mix. After dissecting each, the panel will be giving their expert opinion on how indie developers can make a better impact with their PR activities.



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