A hurricane came through my house and all I got were these cool photos

UPDATE: My neighbor was nice enough to send me a video take from next door. His house is directly to the left of mine, and you can see my backyard as the camera pans to the right toward the end of the video.

Apparently a hurricane came through the east coast while I was in Seattle for PAX Prime. Fellow Armless Octopus editor Taylor Bliss and I left Thursday morning, just before the storm was set to arrive, and returned late Monday evening, just as the storm had run its toll. I arrived home this evening to find the area around my home…..slightly displaced.

I live on the south shore of Long Island, and what you’re looking at in the pictures seen here is the small bay which separates Long Island from the Atlantic Ocean. Needless to say, we had it coming.

A few trees were in different locations. Docks were raised. My garage had a couple of feet of water in it.

In total, I didn’t have it very bad compared to most. I lost a 42″ TV in the garage, a bunch of tools which I had in tool bags on the floor, a subwoofer which I had just removed from my car (all of the stereo equipment made it, whew!), among other things. All in all, it was the outside which took the greatest beating.

View from the living room

Different electrical outlets throughout my home have power (odd, I know), so we’re still waiting for LILCO to get here. Fortunately for them, they have a monopoly on Long Island and are the only power provider. Signs are scattered throughout the neighborhood, asking if others have seen them about, but like a ship lost at sea, they are nowhere to be found.

Take a gander at a few of the photos I’ve taken around the place, as well as a few which were sent to me while I was on the west coast. A neighbor snapped a cool video of the water attacking our homes, and promises to send it my way within the next day or so. Be sure to check back then, as I will update the page with the video.

The worst of it all? The beer in my fridge got warm.  I had some good stuff in there to.

Hey, at least I’ve got a sense of humor about it all.

Look below for the gallery, which includes more photos



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