The IGSU now has a dashboard promotion on Xbox LIVE!

Photo comes to us courtesy of Master Blud at VVGTv

The Indie Games Summer Uprising has finally received a dashboard promotion on Xbox LIVE. Just scroll up to the Games Marketplace and you’ll see it. I’d like to thank the XNA team, specifically Nick Gravelyn, for making this happen. Master Blud noticed it this morning, and was kind enough to share his screen shots. Visit his post for more details

Naturally, the 10 titles included are:

Battle High: San Bruno
Cute Things Dying Violently
T.E.C. 3001
Doom and Destiny
Take Arms
SpeedRunner HD
Train Frontier Express
Redd: The Lost Temple

Source: Master Blud, VVGTv

Source: Master Blud, VVGTv



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