My Summer Uprising speech at GDC 2012 will be part of the Business, Marketing, & Management track

If you’re headed to GDC in March I’d love to catch up with you. I’m hoping that Microsoft has some sort of XNA meetup again, but if they don’t then I’m sure we can come up with our own. Last year it was at the Microsoft booth at the entrance of the main hall.

The time or location for the speech hasn’t been announced yet, but it will be 60 minutes, and discuss the ins-and-outs of the Uprising. Anyway, here’s the blurb from Gamasutra:

” In today’s final new talk, writer and Xbox Live Indie Games expert 
Dave Voyles will host “Marketing for Indies: The Indie Games Summer Uprising.” Voyles is one of the co-coordinators of this independent promotional movement, and in his talk he will demonstrate how more than 70 XBLIG teams planned and executed a successful marketing campaign, providing insight to indie devs who hope to get more exposure for their upcoming projects.”



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