The Indie Games Uprising is up on the Xbox LIVE dashboard

Indie Games Uprising

Xbox LIVE’s Indie Games Uprising, the marketing campaign that I’ve been helping coordinate with teams of other XNA/XBLIG developers for the past 6 months, is finally visible on the dashboard!

Turn on your Xbox to see the the promotion on the front page of the dashboard!  Our goal is to promote Xbox Live Indie Games in the best light possible by showcasing the diversity, talent, and potential of the platform as a whole.  The ten games included in this Uprising include:

qrth-phyl, Sententia, Diahard Dungeons, Gateways, Smooth Operators, Entropy, City Tuesday, XenoMiner, and Pixel.

We’re extremely happy about this, especially when you consider the premium that so many companies pay for that prime advertising space.

I spoke to another source who spent $50,000 on an advertisement, and he had nothing but praise for Microsoft’s ad team. “They were super easy to work with and were great about getting back to us in a timely manner,” he said. “Some of the best interaction we had with MS was their Advertising division.”

It gets crazier: The data shared with the Penny Arcade Report shows that Microsoft estimates 16 million impressions for an ad during a holiday, so an ad with a $21.50 CPM would cost you a stunning $344,000 to control that spot for the day.

The minimum spend to put your ad in the kind of rotation that might get someone’s attention, according to the source, is $40,000. – The Penny Arcade Report 

For more information on the games, visit our site



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