My book, UnrealScript Game Programming Cookbook has been published!


My first book, UnrealScript Game Programming Cookbook has been published by Pakt Publishing today. It covers a variety of topics, from creating your own modular camera system, crafting AI, creating intelligent pathfinding for bots, and manipulating weapons.

A free sample chapter is available as well, which covers creating a modular camera system, from beginning to end.

It’s available in a number of formats, including a physical copy, as well as Kindle and .pdf formats. You can find the book here, or also at here. 



2 thoughts on “My book, UnrealScript Game Programming Cookbook has been published!

  1. When you made this publication, did you create it with the source code in mind? I’ve seen some reviews of how the book covers old source code and not the more recent updated source. Im just curious because Im learning UDK and UDK is very touchy when it comes to one single letter out of place or one function in the wrong actor class. Im willing to buy this book once Im finished with my other.

    • Hello Danny,

      I saw that in one of the reviews as well.

      I wrote all of the source code, and wrote the book at the same time. During the technical reviewing process, where other UDK developers come on board and criticize the code and book, we noticed that there were more efficient ways of writing the code, whether through refactoring, or just making the names of properties/classes smaller, and therefore more readable.

      So yes, *some* (albeit VERY little) of the source code differs from the book. For example, I may write “FirstPersonCamera” as the name of a variable in the book, but the source code says “FirstPersonCam” for the sake of brevity.

      Writing technical books like this puts you on an extremely tight deadline, so I wasn’t always able to make the changes in the book or the source code at the same time, however.

      Regardless, shoot me an e-mail at D N Voyles at G Mail Dot Com and I can give you all of the source code for your own reference.

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