Object pooling for bullets now working 100%

My code for object pooling is now working 100%! It took me about one week to get it straight, but after taking quite a bit of time to really learn the concept of pooling in-and-out, as well as some of the less frequently used functions offered by arrays (at least, not frequently used by myself), I’ve really gotten a grasp of it.

The code for my BulletGenerator.js can be found on my GitHub. I’ve commented it well, so most users shouldn’t have a problem comprehending what’s going on.

I’m keeping two separate GitHub forks for this game:

 One for the web based version of the game, where I also do all of my testing

and another for the Win8 port.

I would post a video but it seems that recording video and playing the game from the same SSD kills performance, and drops the constant 60FPS down to a mere 40.



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