Transitioning from Comcast to Microsoft

After a 7 month stint as as Senior Software Engineer on the product development team at Comcast, I’m leaving to pursue a career at Microsoft as a Technical Evangelist. I wasn’t looking for a job, but an opportunity came my way, and I took advantage of it.

Despite their not-so-fantastic reputation among customers, I absolutely loved my time at Comcast. It’s an amazing place to work, offers an incredible environment to learn and grow within, and provided me with more responsibility and opportunities than I could have ever hoped for.  If you’re an Engineer, you’re treated like gold and I can’t recommend that place enough.

Often I was the lead or sole developer on many of the projects I was working on, and they all involved some of the newest technologies around, especially with gaming platforms and second screen experiences.

I was on a small and personal team of intelligent people and worked in an environment with absolutely no pressure. There was never any of the feared “crunch” I hear about so often, and in fact I often had my choice of what I wanted to work on. Quite simply, it was the best job I’ve ever had, and I feel spoiled by it.

With my new role at Microsoft, I’ll be able to remain in Philly; either working at home or out of the Malvern office 30 minutes away.  My primary goal is to get other developers to write games and apps for Windows and Windows Phone 8. Much of the work I was doing at Comcast involved Windows 8, so it was a natural transition for me.

It’s been a big year of change for me; moving to Philadelphia to pursue a career at Comcast, and then quickly transitioning to Microsoft. Hopefully this next year is just as kind.



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