Unity shmup template (JS and C#)

Unity C-sharp shmup

I’ve been a huge fan of shmups for as long as I can remember. If it’s good, I’ve played it (and it’s probably Japanese). I wrote my last one in JavaScript using the Impact.js framework, but this time around I wanted to do it in Unity and really test the performance of the engine.

When looking for Unity shmup templates, I came across this great set of posts on the Shmup-dev website. One post includes an excellent talk on unity shmup development, with slides and source code to go along with it. It really touches on some of the basics and key points for creating a shmup, including performance considerations. Object pooling is absolutely necessary when creating a high performance game, and the author monoRAIL explains it very neatly for readers.

He’s also gone ahead and created a template for a 3D shmup done in JavaScript.

I’m a fan of JavaScript myself, but I wanted to get back into C# development, so took the liberty of converting his template to C#. You can find updates for it on my GutHub, here. I’ve also cleaned it up a bit, by changing some variable names and making it more easy to read.

JavaScript template (monoRAILS)

C# template (mine)





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