DreamSpark is FREE for students right now, and you can win Xbox One

TitanFall Xbox One

As the school year winds down, now is the perfect time to get all of that free software installed before you head home for the summer. Employers love seeing developers actively work on projects, so Microsoft is giving it all to you for free. I’m currently working on a Web App Template, to wrap my website and turn it into a Win8 and Windows Phone 8.


1) Enter your school e-mail address

2) Microsoft will send you an e-mail w/ a code and instruction to download and install Visual Studio Pro 2013 for free (In the working world, this bad boy would run you $500)

3) Once installed, follow the link in your e-mail and enter to win an Xbox One Titanfall Edition (Play with me on Xbox LIVE as well – Dave Voyles is my gamertag)

Don’t have DreamSpark? Get it here.

Already have DreamSpark & Visual Studio installed?  Follow the instructions here to enter the contest 

Top Three Reasons to Get DreamSpark Now

  1. Graduating students – Get your Visual Studio before you hit the road.  DreamSpark lets you get some great software now that you might not be able to get after you graduate
  2. Summer projects – use Visual Studio to work on some sweet apps or websites over the summer to build your tech portfolio
  3. Activate your free Windows Store code using DreamSpark and save yourself some dollars


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