Boost productivity: Convert YouTube videos to MP3

YouTube to Mp3

I’m an avid runner and cyclist, but I can’t stand exercising in silence. Sure, I have tons of nerdy video game music (woohoo, Yuzo Koshiro), but sometimes I also want to learn.

I peruse YouTube for different things to learn every day, and generally listen in the background as I work. I find that tech talks from user groups are the best. (Check out this video from David Catuhe, on how to write WebGL games with Babylon.js)

To listen during my ride, I convert the video to an mp3 using Just pass in the URL to the video, and it spits out an MP3! I then load that on my phone, and I’m good to go. Instant productivity boost.

So how does it work? The power of the cloud! That URL is processed by a computer somewhere (who knows, who cares)



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