Unite 2014 keynote recap

Unite 2014

I’m still at Unite 2014 this week, so I thought I’d deliver a quick recap of the Unite 2014 keynote, courtesy of Jaime Rodriguez, of Microsoft.

Here was my favorite talk of Unite as well:

Opening stats:

[David Helgason, CEO]

  • 600k active montly game developers .. [compared to 120k users, 3 years ago]
  • 54% of games use middleware  [compared to 10% 4 years ago]
  • 47% mobile developers use Unity [17% in 2009]
  • 8.7B Unity mobile app installs [not all inclusive, that is people who opt-in to analytics]
  • PC has strength [mobile devs targeting PCs as they get better]



[David Helgason, CEO]

  • Unity working w/ Apple on Metal  (their equivalent of iOS)
  • Unity working on ‘smart TVs’ with Samsung
  • Unity working w/ google on Android TV. Google giving away set-top boxes to all attendees.
  •  Showed several demos of small Studios ( 2-5 people shops )targeting many platforms (more than employees)
  • “Native games” (e.g. Plague Inc) are being ported to Unity to get x-plat efficiencies
  • Asset store: 7.2M downloads/year, 14K packages. They played it on productivity -asset store accelerates apps



  • Unity has to be more than an engine!   Boil down to: Create Game +  Connect it to others.



[Lucas Meijer, Engineering Director ]

Engineered focus on prioritized stabilization and agility ( accelerate their 4 month cycles:)

IssueTracker.Unity3d.com has their (non-sensitive info) open). People can vote on it.
They have moved to near weekly patches.


Unity 4.6

  •  Unity 4.6..  uGUI is main feature..
  • Unity 4.6 goes open beta today.
  • uGUI will be open source, MIT license.


Unity 5

  • Unity 5 graphics features

o   Realtime GI, physical based shaders.

  • IL2CPP [converting C# to C++ code, turns to native code]

o   Basic test scenario for mandlebrot generator showed faster than current mono-runtime, near native. Seems a bit niche on scenario to generalize specially on .net comparisons

  • WebGL

o   WebGL Exporter FREE for everyone.

  • 64-bit support..

o   Big deal for Windows, since we were running out of memory often, more often than Mac OS did.

  • PhysX — updated to latest.  Improved.
  • SpeedTree importer
  • Asset Bundles improvements (less manual work)
  • Collaboration Improvements

o   Changed how they serialize prefabs. Using references now.

o   Better scenes merge


Futures, way in the future..

  • “Director” is a simple, yet powerful storyboard editor (video, audio, motion/animation) ..
    Really cool; really powerful.



[Todd Hooper]

  • Unity acquired Tsugi.

o   Unity cloud build: Continuous integration (Build, test, commit)

o   Beta Now:  http://build.cloud.unity3d.com   (iOS, Android, WebPlayer)

o   Free during beta, subscription later w/ free tier for Unity developers

  • Unity acquired playnomics

o   Product still upcoming. No dates announced.

  • Everyplay
    [Jussi Laakkonnen]

o   Social interface launching in october..

o   Available today as Everyplay was

  • Unity Ads [ used to be Unity cloud, now cloud is broader]
    • Rewards based advertisement: Video support
    • Estimates to pay $20M in 2014, it was closed beta
    • Cross-promotion is now live, open beta today
    • Free video advertisement on cross—promotion.




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