TIL: Unity has way cheaper pricing for students / faculty

I was at Unity’s Unite conference in Seattle this week, and I learned from their education team that Unity has far cheaper licensing for students, faculty, and schools.

In partnership with Studica, Unity has discounted costs. Here’s a link to the page.



Also, Autodesk, creators of Maya, 3DS Max, etc., also have FREE versions of their tools for students. Where was this when  I was in school, learning Blender? I’m turning back the clock a few years and headed back to my SUNY Oneonta days, so that I can grab some of this stuff.

Adobe has some goodies for you too, including the Creative Cloud (Photoshop ninjas, look here), because you don’t have to pirate Photoshop CS2 anymore! For $20 / month, you can get their cloud.

Anything else I’m missing from these companies (or other similar ones)? Let me know. And as always, Microsoft offers BizSpark to students, startups, and night time project devs working on their own thing.



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  2. be glad you learned Blender, cos Autodesk “free” student version does not allow any “commercial, professional or any other for-profit purposes”.

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