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We had a great e-mail thread going with several co-workers last week, and Jeremy Foster gave an excellent recap on how to publish your podcast to various services. Everything below are his words, and I found them to be extremely useful, so I thought I’d share.



Install iTunes and “submit a podcast”. I recommend you go through the process once for your video stream (if you do video) and again for your audio stream.

Windows Phone (<= WP8)

Send an email to It sounds silly, but that’s the way it works.

Windows Phone (>= WP8.1)

Wait for Bing to crawl your feed. You can see if it has discovered yours yet by typing the following into Bing “MyPodcast feed:podcast”. That’s the exact search the Podcasts app uses to find feeds. The list in the Podcasts app is asynchronous so you may need to wait a little while. You can attempt to improve your chances of getting indexed by Bing by using the Bing Webmaster Tools. The steps are listed below…


You can tell Bing about your show by using Bing Webmaster Tools. In return, Bing Webmaster Tools tells you about how you are performing in Bing and Bing-powered search (Including Yahoo!), and keeps you up to date about issues we see on your site.

To inform us about Sitemaps or RSS feeds, including those containing podcasts, use the following procedure:

  1. If you haven’t done so already, sign up with Bing Webmaster Tools
  2. Add the Site that hosts the Podcast RSS/feed and verify ownership of the site
  3. Use the Submit Sitemap tool and submit the full URL of the RSS feed containing the links to your podcasts.

Within a few hours you will see whether Bing successfully downloaded your Sitemap or feed so that it can be indexed.


Thanks again, @CodeFoster!



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