How to open your developer account from DreamSpark

Fellow Tech Evangelist, Joe Healy, put together a great set of slides on how to open your developer account via DreamSpark.


Not sure if your school has DreamSpark?

Head over to look at the lower right for this image


Type in the institution name.  Consider some variations of the name.  There may be several different departments, so make sure it’s the one you’re actually interested in.


Click the arrow next to the department you’re interested in and you’ll see this.




What’s included in DreamSpark?

Here is a quick comparison from

DS comparison

I don’t see Azure or the cloud in there

Azure is not included in DreamSpark, but if your students qualify, they can apply for BizSpark and be granted a membership through that.

Reach out to me so that I can put you in touch with the right people!




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