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channel 9I love our push for independent developers. ID@Xbox is consistently launching new games, and on the Windows and Phone side of things we have a new gaming blog, where we highlight some of the best games that developers are working on, as well as the middleware makers providing our tools.

I’ve highlighted some of those key developers below, along with updates from Tautvydas on the Unity team. Let me know what you think!

If you’d like to appear on the show, or you’re working on something you think we should see, please reach out!  

The latest videos

· — An interview with Tautvydas (one of the Unity devs for Windows Phone)

· — The winner of Microsoft’s Unity contest and also the Unite 2014 award for best 2D game. If you were a fan of XNA before, this story will really hit home.

· —  Interview with the winner of 3rd place on our Unity contest.

· — Alex Schwartz is a one of the minds behind the Boston based Owlchemy Labs. Not only do they have some excellent titles, but also some very useful Unity plugins!

· — is a solid story on our own Microsoft Studios Zoo Tycoon friends game..  Matt tells a great story on how they reuse their C# logic on Unity and Azure. Architecture diagrams (and the game) to follow.

· — these folks are super creative.. they are the publisher for the Nun Attack series of games, and Zombie Tyccoon II.

· — This year at the Unite 2014 conference in Seattle, Jaime Rodriguez,  was able to sit down and chat with JC Cimetiere, Marketing Director of Americas at Unity Technologies and Carl Callaewaert, Lead Evangelist at Unity Technologies.

We’ll have more videos posted as time goes on, but I think it’s a great way to to put the right foot forward. Is there anything you’d like to see?



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