Some of my favorite podcasts – Savage Lovecast, Planet Money, This Week In Tech

I’ve been listening to podcasts since I was in college. It was part of my daily commute, driving from my home in the suburbs of Long Island, to NYIT in Old Westbury.

Since that time, my tastes have changed a bit, but my love of podcasts hasn’t. In fact, we’ve done over 100 episodes in the last 4 years at Armless Octopus, and I’ve recently resumed episodes of the Indie Dev Podcast, where I interview new and coming game development talent across the world.

Below, is a list of only some of my favorite podcasts at the moment. I plan on following up with another post in the near future as well. I’d love to hear some of your recommendations, so fire away!


Laser Time

Laser Time is really a small network with several shows, one of which is the self titled “Laser Time.” Others cover wrestling, video games, comic books, and video game music (VGMpire, below).

I firmly believe that this is the definitely show for all things pop culture. The cast is extremely knowledgable, they bounce ideas off of one another, and it always sounds as though they are having a blast. If you are a child of the 80s or 90s, then this is absolutely perfect for you.


Host Bret Elston is the most knowledgeable person I’ve ever come across when it comes to the history of video game music. This is probably my favorite podcast of all time, and it not only covers the music, but also the history behind the games, the composers, and occasionally what they are doing now.

This Week In Tech

This is another podcast network, and I have yet to find one bad show on it. I wanted to highlight the weekly show, TWIT, because the constantly rotating cast of tech journalist professionals is always knowledgeable, witty, and well informed. If you only have time for one tech podcast each week, start here.

Tech News Tonight

This show has gone through many variations, from being just a daily show, to now a day and evening show, as well as having multiple hosts. It’s rapid fire, generally about 15-20 minutes, and quickly covers the day’s tech news.

Stuff You Should Know

Although this is a bit slow at times, it’s still incredibly interesting. Things I would never consider looking up (how does an ejection seat work in a fighter jet?) are covered in these 60-90 minute episodes.  Great for starting conversations.

Savage Lovecast

Host Dan Savage covers relationships, sex, and human interaction in this well produced show. Fans can call in and ask questions, and health professionals are common guests as well. It may be a bit vulgar for some, but I’ve found it to constantly be informative, interesting, and allows me to better understand, communicate, and empathize with others.

Planet Money – NPR

Money is what makes the world go ’round, and this 15-20 minute NPR show covers a variety of topics, always financially based, about how our world works. Why are residents of Detroit having their water shut off? Is $65k / yr for education at Duke a smart value? Why do we still use signatures? All of this, and more, are covered on this show which is so well produced, that you can easily visualize the speakers and their situations.



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