UPDATE: Cancelled – Use C# to script in Unreal Engine 4 now, courtesy of Xamarin


UPDATE, 9/13/16: This project is no cancelled. Miguel de Icaza outlined why in this post from May:


As you guys have noticed, the experience to setup Mono with Unreal Engine
is not very pleasant.   It involves compiling code from source, it involves
a specific version of Unreal and has a very long and tedious installation

The Unreal EULA is hostile to third party vendors and prevents us from
creating the kind of integrated experience that we would like to have.

Based on the above, we do not anticipate that we will continue to develop
the bindings of Mono for Unreal Engine at this point.


Xamarin, the group behind the Mono, the open source implementation of Microsoft’s .NET framework, have done it again, but this time, in the gaming space.

Today they announced that you can use C# (or F#) to script in Unreal Engine 4. Previously, this was only possible with C++. They’re gaining on Unity, who currently owns the middleware gaming market, which also allows developers to write code in C#, a funky form of JavaScript, and their proprietary language, Boo.

With Mono for Unreal Engine, you can now use the latest version of C# to write your gameplay code, AI behaviors, UI elements, and more.

You have access to the entire range of capabilities of the .NET framework, up to version 4.5. You can even use C# async programming to author your code. Download it and give it a try.

More info on Miguel de Icaza’s personal blog. Check out the updates on the Xamarin site.



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