Age of Ascent: An epic space game on Azure, WebGL

You know that I’m always pushing WebGL, because I truly think it is the future of not only gaming, but also the web as a whole.

Mozilla is constantly advancing the technology forward, with asm.js and their industry leading WebGL adoption, which forces all of the other browser to play catchup. Microsoft even has some exciting announcements in this space in the near future!

I had the opportunity to sit in for a fascinating talk during TechEd this summer, and I’m glad that we can finally share it. Here’s the gist from John Shewchuk’s blog.

Finally, here’s the white paper, which goes real in depth on how they tied Azure and WebGL together to create the experience.

Age of S

From his post:

Illyriad wanted to create a truly amazing looking game. Nothing new, right? What was different about this request is that Illyriad wanted the game to be browser based, allowing players to drop in and start playing, irrespective of their device, and without the need to install plug-ins, both of which are core requirements for casual gaming. They settled on JavaScript for the client side logic, WebGL for rendering the graphics—because it can use GPU processing, and they were using a Web socket for two-way communication between the browser and the back-end cloud system.


During a large scale public beta, when all the scale units were stood up around the globe on 748 cores, the system coped with an amazing 267 million application messages per second across the system. This would have handled in excess of 100,000 concurrent users in a single contiguous battle.



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