New "Prepose" scripting language for Kinect 2 from Microsoft Research


Update 4/24/15: The team has released Prepose on GitHub under the MIT license! The link is here. While support resources currently do not exist, please try it out and see if it works for you.

Kinect 2 for Windows has been out since last July, and we’ve seen a ton of awesome projects coming from it. It can be overwhelming starting with a new piece of hardware, so I’ve gathered on some links to get you off the ground. I’ve already seen some awesome projects from local developers like the Philadelphia Game Lab, who have been integrating Kinect into both their Unity and Unreal Engine 4 titles.


Demo Video List:


Prepose Scripting Language


Microsoft Research has taken this one step further though, and introduced a scripting language called “Prepose”, which allows for building Kinect gesture recognizers. You can find more information in the external tech report.

So how does it work?

“You create Kinect gesture recognizers by scripting high-level movements such as “raise your left leg to the side” instead of using machine learning or hand-tuned code. Prepose is the work of a team in Microsoft Research, powered by the Microsoft constraint solver Z3.”

” As examples (internally to Microsoft), we (David Molnar’s team) created Prepose scripts for tai chi, ballet, and physical therapy gestures this past summer, each tens of lines of code. I’ve included an example below to show what a Prepose script looks like.”

The team is are trying to figure out what to do next with the project so any feedback is helpful. You can always reach me here or find me on Twitter, @DaveVoyles.


Here’s an annotated example to show Prepose syntax and concepts from David Molnar:




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