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    • Google Fiber to expand to 4 new cities, report says
      • I’ve long hoped for faster internet speeds in the Philadelphia area, and even blogged about it in the past. Sadly, it doesn’t seem that fiber is coming any time soon, despite Comcast’s HQ being located here.
    • Inside Microsoft’s new rendering engine for their Spartan browser
      • We announced a new browser for Windows 10 a few weeks ago. It’s our first browser since we announced IE in 1995, and the IE team has forked the old Trident rendering engine to create their new “Edge Mode”.  This allows us to continue to support the enterprise market which was stuck on IE 7 and 8, as well as being able to adhere to the latest web standards for the future and gaming.
    • The Simpsons intro, redone with Pixel art
      • The only thing that could up this would be if it were done for Futurama. Also, that parallax at the end!
    • Fan remakes Resident Evil 2 in UDK to learn how to program
      • Students always ask me how to get into game development — well this is a great example of a way to impress people. Start with modding. Also, I’m a HUGE fan of the Resident Evil franchise, so this really hit home for me. I only wish we get the chance to play this someday.
    • Front-End Interview Questions – Part 4 | Raymond Camden’s Blog
      • Interviews are always a nerve-racking experience. Ray Camden lists some excellent questions, as well as answers, that you are likely to see if you were to interview as a front-end web dev.
    • Unreal Engine stream tutorials and source code each week
      • I wrote a book on how to program gameplay for the Unreal Engine, so naturally I love the thing. The dev team at Epic hosts weekly streams for programmers, and this one was all about how to make a twin-stick shooter.
    •  Training the Kinect4NES to control Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out
      •  C’mon, who didn’t enjoy Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out on the NES? My peer in evangelism, Paul Decarlo, wrote a program to train his Kinect how to fight opponents in the game. This is the kind of thinking outside the box that I like to see.


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