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    • Pixel perfect lighting using sprites in Unity
      • I’ve been trying to get lighting applied to sprites in Unity for some time now, and I know that others have, so stumbling across this tutorial was like coming across gold.
    • Here’s what it’s like to attend Apple’s secret University
      • I didn’t know that such a thing existed, but it sounds like a great way to get ahead, both inside of the company, and after you leave. Essentially it is a low-level training course for director-level+ roles. It is far cheaper to retain great talent than to constantly go out and find new talent.
    • Package Managers: An intro guide for the uninitiated front-end developer
      • There are a number of popular package managers out there (NPM, Bower, NuGet), and this can be confusing to folks who are just getting started in the programming world. This article provides an outstanding outline on the pros and cons of several of these, as well as practical use cases.
    • The history of the Turbografx – Racketboy
      • What can I say — I love old video games.
        I also picked up a Turbografx 16 a few weeks back, along with 15 games, so I’ve been playing a ton of this lately. I also learned about a 18mb expansion card that gave the 1988 console 18mb of RAM. That’s crazy for something of that age!
    • The Star Wars API
      • An API that grants a plethora of info about the Star Wars universe and the characters within it. Perfect for hackathons and pet projects!
    • Traceur
      • Traceur is a compiler that allows you to use features from the future today. Traceur’s goal is to inform the design of new JavaScript features which are only valuable if they allow you to write better code. Traceur allows you to try out new and proposedlanguage features today, helping you say what you mean in your code while informing the standards process.
    • Fan made Batman short is online, and it’s pretty neat
      • I love seeing how independent film makers can put a spin on films that generally require millions of dollars and hundreds of people. This 4 minute video is a brief scene of Batman and the Joke in a really grim envirionment
    • Take your XNA background and learn to write shaders in Unity
      • Charles Humphrey is an ID@Xbox MVP and game dev aficionado. He’s been putting together a series of tutorial for Untiy developers, and I think this is his best one yet. If you’ve ever wanted to learn how to write shaders, start here. It’s basic, but a fantastic starting point.


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