Steam in-home streaming to a Dell Venue Pro

Dell Venue Pro

I’ve got a little Dell Venue Pro that I use from time-to-time for work. It’s a $209 tablet that runs Windows 8.1. Great for carrying around, but even better for reading while I’m on the couch or in bed.

I have a decent desktop PC that I do my gaming from (and my new MSI GTX 970 arrives today!) but I use a standing desk, so it’s not always practical to work on it al lday, then use it for gaming.

I like to sit on my couch or in my bed when I game, so I staretd using the tablet to do that. I bought a Microo USB to USB adapter  for $2.00 on Amazon. Now I have a standard USB connection that I can use.

Micro USB

From there, I connect a wirless Xbox 360 dongle which cost e $10 on Amazon.  The drivers likely won’t work when you try to install it, so follow these instrucitons first:

  • Plug in wireless receiver to your PC
  • Open Device Manager
  • Right-click “Unknown device” > “Update Driver Software”
  • “Browse my computer for driver software”
  • “Let me pick from a list of device drivers on my computer”
  • Highlight “Show All Devices” > Click Next
  • Under Manufacturer select “Microsoft”
  • Under Model select “Xbox 360 Controller for Windows Version: [8/13/2009]”
    Click Next
  • When you get prompted for the Update Driver Warning click “Yes”
    wireless xbox gamepad dongleNOTE: You can use a 360 or Xbox One gamepad here.

From there, just turn on your desktop, and configure steam in-home steaming, then download and install steam on your Dell Venue Pro, and you can stream to that tablet.

Your desktop is the device doing all of the processing and encoding — your tablet only decodes the video, so you’ve got a smooth experience!



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