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  • The keys to game development and working with a team
    • Don’t fall into common game development traps. A friend with years of AAA experience shared this with me and said he wish that his team listened to some of these when they were making titles.
  • Step-by-step instructions for exporting your Unreal Engine 4 game to HTML5
    • I’ve been raving about asm.js for a while now, which allows for C/C++ apps to run inside the browser. Well here it is.
  • The rationale behind soaring app development prices
    • The cost for developing apps varies greatly, depending on where the developers are located. “The best app developers in the U.S. charge $250 per hour while the best in Indonesia charge about $20 per hour. That’s 12.5x difference”
  • Should you monetize your first games, or make them free and get exposure?
    • I’m not sure if there is a correct answer for this. Personally, I’d rather give my work away for free at first, build a name for myself, my brand, and my products, and then worry about monetizing later. Game dev is a long term career. If you are in it to make  quick buck, you will likely be disappointed.
  • Indie Dev Podcast, Ep 19 – Michael Hicks
    • I interviewed Michael for the 2nd time, and he spoke about his recent PS4 release, as well as what the experience was like. We talk about PEGI and ESRB ratings, and how to prevent burnout. A young developer, but has lots of great experience so far.
  • The IndieMEGABOOTH partners with BitSummit, the Japanese game convention
    • The MEGABOOTH is known for uniting indies and creating affordable space and promotion for their titles at gaming conventions. They also have a great podcast! Now they are headed to Japan to work with devs overseas.
  • Bring your game to life in 10 simple steps
    • Great tutorial and playable samples to show how even the smallest thing (screen shake) go a long way to make a game more interactive and interesting.
  • Tidal and the future of music – Stratechery
    • I LOVE this blog because it goes really in depth with how the tech and startup world works. Ben Thompson provides solid examples, and breaks it down into parts that I can understand. In this piece, he covers Jay-Z’s new music venture, how the music industry works, and how it is similar to the world of venture capital.


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