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  • Unity WebGL export on Azure
    • Great post by Jason Walters, on how to use Unity’s WebGL exporter. Great timing, as Chrome just killed support for the previous path, which was the pugin that ran in the browser.

Git-flow are a set of git extensions to provide high-level repository operations for Vincent Driessen’s branching model.

  • The path to Parallel JavaScript
    • Between the coming release of ES6 and unrelenting competition for JIT performance, these are exciting times for JavaScript. But an area where JS still lags is parallelism—exploiting hardware acceleration by running multiple computations simultaneously. I’d like to present some experiments we’ve been doing in SpiderMonkey with a low-level, evolutionary approach to extending JavaScript with more flexible and powerful primitives for parallelism.
  • Building Sega Genesis games in 2015
    • Great blog that I stumbled across a few weeks ago, where a game developer is going through the process of collecting Genesis dev hardware and creating games from scratch. It’s amazing to see how much detail he puts into it. Great way to learn Assembly!
  • Primrose – a WebGL editor inside of the browser
    • Primrose is a source code editor control that can be used in WebGL/WebVR projects. Use it to experiment with new ideas on productivity UIs in virtual spaces. A live-demo of Primrose is running on the background of this page. 
  • Apple Watch and continuous computing
    • Ben Thompson of Stratechery gives a great overview of the Apple Watch, in addition to what’s coming in the future. I read his blog on a daily basis, as it’s one of the best resources I’ve found for keeping in touch with the tech scene.


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