Wrapping a Famo.us + Angular app in Cordova for iOS


Screenshot 2015-06-26 17.21.36Find the full tutorial here


I love high performance JavaScript, and have faith that others will finally come around and understand its true potential someday too. Famo.us allows you to maintain a silky smooth 60 Frames Per Second while having fluid animations on screen. Famo.us does this by utilizing the CSS3 primitive -webkit-transform: matrix3d, which lets the framework compute the composite matrix and skip the browser’s renderer. No plug-in, no download, no hack. By appending this to each DIV, developers can render the composite matrix and go straight to the GPU. Even better, we can have this running on mobile devices.

I go more in depth when discussing the ins-and-outs of Famo.us in an earlier blog post.

By the end of this project you will be able to:

  • Understand how to turn a web application into a hybrid mobile app using Cordova
  • Have a fully functioning iOS app made with Cordova

My goal for this project to illustrate how easily you can create HTML5 / JS projects which work at near native speeds on mobile applications.



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