How to get into the gaming industry: Build a digital portfolio


UPDTE: Lots of conversation going on at Reddit regarding this post.

A common question I receive is “How do I get into the gaming Industry?” In fact, I was just part of a panel at PAX covering this exact topic. I’m going to take what I’ve learned from those panelists, and put it into a series of videos. Here is the first one, how how to create a digital resume.

I also wrote a blog post about how I got started in Tech Evangelism, and it largely had to due with my digital resume and online presence. Take a look. 




3 thoughts on “How to get into the gaming industry: Build a digital portfolio

  1. Nice video, Dave! I would also recommend creating a LinkedIn profile. I’ve been contacted by some of the larger tech companies (one rhymes with Moogle) after their recruiters saw my profile on LinkedIn. Although, the companies who have contacted me were not looking for game developers, but it is good to know what opportunities are out there. I always recommend finding a stable job and doing game development as hobby or second job.

    • Great point — I completely skipped over LinkedIn. The recruiters are definitely all over that.

      I ran across your 6502 Assembly (NES) tutorial on YouTube a while back, too. That thing was AWESOME. Great detail, so thanks for putting that together!

      Here’s the video, for those following along:

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