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It’s been a while since I’ve sent anything out! I’ve been traveling a lot for work lately, between Unity’s Unite event in Boston and my team’s offsite in San Diego, I haven’t found a lot of time for this list. But alas, I have some good links and time to aggregate them, so let’s get started.








  • How I got started in Technical Evangelism, pt. 1
    • This is a question that I get asked pretty often, so I thought I’d write it down to make it easier to share. I’ve also asked some of my peers for their story as well, since they all have unique backgrounds and this is definitely an interesting role with many paths to get to it.


It’s a sad day for current and former XBLIG developers, but it is inevitable that all digital retail stores must come to an end. I’ll post my feelings on the XBLIG program, and share storied about all of the wonderful people I’ve met through the program at a later date, when I’ve had time to consider it all.


  • In response, we’ve created a tribute to many of the great developers
    • The Indie Games Uprising Tribute promotion aims to highlight developers who started their career on Xbox Live Indie Games or gained something from publishing on the channel. XBLIG enabled many hobbyists who had no experience in game development to publish games, and in some instances pursue games as a career.














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