Indie Dev Podcast – Ep 26 – Howard Dortch, Shawnee State University

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Howard is an industry veteran who now works in academia at Shawnee State University’s game development program in Ohio. Before working in education, Howard had roles at AMD, as well as Sony, specifically at Verant in San Diego, where he worked on Everquest.

As someone who has spent a large amount of time playing this game during my middle and high-school years, I’m a huge fan. We discuss his time building lasers for the Department of Defense, writing assembly code to optimize Everquest, as well as finding work on BBS boards in the mid-90s.

This is our longest episode yet, and perhaps the most technical one (or at least on par with the FNA episode!)

EDIT: I’m aware that I didn’t edit out the small segment ~ the 31 minute mark. Working on that this week! 

Topics discussed:

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