Sponza, the new WebGL demo from BabylonJS, updates to the framework

BabylonJS webgl demo

Whenever I hear developers say “The web is slow” I think of the experiences others have crafted from WebGL, the graphics API available to the browser.

Several developers from Microsoft started the open source WebGL framework, BabylonJS, several years ago and continue to build on it now. On this page you’ll find their latest experience. 

Features Uutilized

It utilizes many of the HTML5  available features: WebGL, Web Audio (with some 3D sounds), CSS3 transitions (during the demo mode), Fullscreen, Pointer Events (across platforms via jQuery PEP), Gamepad & IndexedDB/HTML5 Offline API.

The team is also using their new Universal camera that provide a FPS like experience using either keyboard/mouse, touch or gamepad. So if you’re using a PC, you’ll be able to move using keyboard/mouse, on a mobile device using touch and on Xbox One using gamepad. It’s the same code completely transparent for the user.

Michel has done an awesome job optimizing the original scene from Crytek to create a beautiful experience but still very performant. For instance, it runs at 60 fps on an iPhone 6s!

The biggest updated to BabylonJS yet

This is the biggest version ever. More than 15 people worked on this update, and only 4 from Microsoft: David Rousset, Etienne Margraff, Michel Rousseau and David Catuhe. All other contributors are from the community.

You can find the exhaustive list of updates here.



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