Talk at Temple U – Entering the world of computer science

I had the pleasure of speaking at David Rice’s CIS 105 class at Temple University today, and for the last 3 semesters I have been speaking with entry level Computer Science class, which is required for all students who are currently in, or considering the major.

Some resources mentioned:

Listen to the audio here.





4 thoughts on “Talk at Temple U – Entering the world of computer science

  1. Hi Mr. Voyles, I was one of the students in attendance during this talk and thought that it was excellently done. Just wanted to say thank you and that as a freshman CS student I really appreciated the advice that you shared with the class, both inspiring and practical. I’ll definitely be looking at your blogs regularly.

    • Thanks for pointing this out! I realized that I created a new container in blob storage to hold this file, and I didn’t change the security to allow for anyone to download it. Works now!

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