Hololens ships March 30 to US & Canada for $3k

Here is the official announcement. Interested developers may register to preorder the device at http://hololens.com.

Thousands of developers have experienced HoloLens first hand and have contributed ideas to the ecosystem through programs like “Share Your Idea”. Our developer roadshows were fully booked across all eleven cities within the first 90 minutes of being made available.

We have introduced new partners like Volvo Cars, Autodesk Fusion 360 and have continued to make progress in our partnerships with Case Western Reserve University and the Cleveland Clinic,Trimble, and NASA. I am happy to report NASA is mission operational with the Mars Onsite project we announced jointly on January 21st of last year, using HoloLens to help explore the surface of Mars. HoloLens is also very proudly in-use by astronauts in space after NASA successfully delivered HoloLens to the International Space Station to aid in its Project Sidekick work.

Devs may now also access the docs at http://dev.windows.com/holographic and forums at http://forums.hololens.com.

Developing with Unity

You can find our docs and tutorials here.



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