Create a free WordPress site on Azure using Project Nami and SQL


Wordpress powers 25% of the internet, and hosts everything from blogs and personal projects to e-commerce sites.

I want to show you how to create a free wordpress site of your own, utilizing Microsoft’s BizSpark program for Startups, and a Azure.

Using Azure SQL as a database for Wordpres
Typically, wordpress sites use MySQL as their database. Because Azure does not provide MySQL databases, we rely on a third part service, ClearDB. Their product is fantastic, and I’ve been using it for years at Although their is a free tier, once your database grows larger than 20MB in size, you need to pay $10+ / mo for databases.

With Project Nami, you can use Azure SQL, and your BizSpark account will foot the bill! I show you how to do this with one button press. Even better, you have control over how to scale the database.



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