The Construction Worker Who Changed His Life Through Video Games

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I had the opportunity to speak with Chad Bostic of Hello Tech Pros last week and join him on his podcast and share my story. Chad has a number of interesting topics covered each week, including entrepreneurship, motivation, and productivity, but what I like most is that he gets the human element behind all of these things.

He is always looking for new guests as well, so submit your story here.

Key Takeaways

  • Sometimes you have to take a job, ANY job, to pay the bills
  • If you are getting deeper in debt, evaluate the situation and look for alternatives
  • Facebook (AKA: “Fakebook”) shows the highlight reel of friends and family, only their best moments
  • You have to invest in yourself, even if you are already in debt
  • A missed opportunity is gone forever, but if you take it, it may change your life
  • Keep an optimistic mindset on everything you do
  • When getting into a new industry, take a pen and paper and listen more than you talk
  • Business cards are not dead – they are critical for networking
  • Create a simple website to start marketing yourself
  • Network and learn – talk to as many people as possible
  • Find out what you are passionate about and figure out how you can make money at it
    • Look at other people in the industry – how do they get paid?
  • People do care what you think – put your thoughts out in the universe
  • Indecision IS a decision, but ANY OTHER decision is better
  • Make something, anything and get started today


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