Resources from my Xamarin Workbooks talk at Philly.NET

xamarin workbookThis evening I gave a talk at the Philly.NET user group, out of Microsoft’s Malvern office.  Joel Martinez, a SDE on the Xamarin team suggested I talk about Xamarin Workbooks, Xamarin’s latest offering, which provide a blend of documentation and code that is perfect for experimentation, learning, and creating guides and teaching aids.

Workbooks allow you to create a rich C# tutorial and documentation for Android, iOS, Mac, or WPF, and get instant live results as you learn these APIs. You can use Workbooks as a standalone application, separate from your IDE.

To start creating a new workbook, run the Workbooks app. If you haven’t installed this already, visit the Installation page. You will be prompted to create a workbook in your platform of choice, which will automatically connect to an agent app allowing you to visualise your document in real time.

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