Conversations with Uber drivers


I use uber every week. It’s a more cost effective way for me to get to the airport than driving my car and paying to park for several days at a time. What I enjoy most about the Uber ride are the drivers and the conversations we have.

My ride to the the Philadelphia airport from my home is about 25 minutes, which is also roughly the length of a 30 minute television show (they are really 22 minutes, with time allowed for commercials). What if I was able to share the conversations I hold with these Uber drivers, so that an audience could learn about how interesting they are?

Think Humans of New York (my hometown), but for Uber.

In my last ride, the driver explained how she also worked as a corrections officer at a maximum security prison, just a short ride away. Before that, my driver and I realized we actually knew each other and had a phone call just a few weeks before!

Going forward, I think I’ll grab my audio recorder and ask the drivers if they’d like to share their story. There are lots of interesting people out there, and lots of stories to share.



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