We went ghost hunting in Phadelphia

I aint afraid of no ghosts – Ray Parker Jr.

Amanda Lange (@Second_Truth) and I went ghost hunting around Philadelphia earlier this summer. We started at Drexel University, then made our way out to the suburbs of Exton, to record a series of videos around a device we created this summer.

We interview Drexel University professor Dave Raiken to understand the history behind the Rush building of computer science. This location was formerly a tuberculosis hospital, which contained a morgue in the basement. Let’s explore.

Armed with what we learned at Drexel University, we decided to search for some ghosts of our own. We learned of a house in Exton, PA, known as the “Exton Witch House.”

It is reported that all of the Ferrell family died in the late 1800s by “suspicious circumstances.” The state didn’t want us to release these videos to the public, as they are concerned that more chatter about the house would drive down home values in the area. 6 months later, we finally got approval to release them, and here they are.

You can find the source for the IoT project here. 



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