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This repo includes technical content optimized for the use within Community Events about Microsoft Azure and other Microsoft technologies, and is available to anyone who wants to use it under the MIT License.

The contents of this Repo have been produced by and for Technical Community Groups who are interested in Microsoft but also non-Microsoft Technologies. Microsoft is hosting these community produced topics under the /Microsoft Github domain as we are convinced that these topics can be valuable especially for Community Event Leaders who are planning to cover a related technology on any upcoming Community Event.

The top-level folders in the repo represent high-level topic areas. Inside the top-level folders are topic folders containing community-ready content that’s pivoted so you can use it for several sessions with a community group. (For example, in the folder named “Open Dev Framework,” you will find material on how to use Docker with Azure and run Docker containers in the cloud.) Each topic folder contains a PowerPoint deck that can be used in the first speaker slot with a community group. The other folders go into more detail on the topic and include hands-on material that you can use in follow-up sessions with the same community group as Hands-On Labs (HOL) or demos.

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Breakdown of the content

Philly.NET organizer and Microsoft MVP Bill Wolff broke down the content by category as well:


Using Microsoft Power BI to Explore and Visualize Data
Using Microsoft Power BI Embedded to Show Reports in Cross-Platform Mobile Apps
Big Data and Analytics
Handling Big-Data Workloads with Azure Data Lake
Data Analytics with Apache Spark for Azure HDInsight
Processing Big Data with Apache Hadoop on Azure HDInsight
Creating and Using an HPC SLURM Cluster in Azure
Building Smart Apps with Azure Machine Learning
Cloud Computing
Exploring Web Solutions
Starting Web Solutions
Practical Web Solutions
Azure Functions
Working with Azure Virtual Machines
Virtual Machine Scaling and Performance
Developing Microservices with Azure Service Fabric
Azure Web Apps
Using Azure DocumentDB
Using Azure SQL Database
Exploring DevOps
Starting DevOps
Practical DevOps
Intelligent Services
Exploring Cognitive Services
Starting with Cognitive Services
Exploring Conversations as a Platform
Starting with Conversations as a Platform
Exploring IoT Solutions
Starting IoT Solutions
Building Practical IoT Solutions
Analyzing Data in Real Time with Azure Stream Analytics
Mixed Reality/HoloLens
Building HoloLens Apps with Unity
Mobile Development
Building Cross-Platform Mobile Apps with Visual Studio, Apache Cordova, and Microsoft Azure
Exploring Mobile Development (Xamarin)
Starting Mobile Development (Xamarin)
Practical Mobile Development (Xamarin)
Open Dev Framework
Running Docker Containers in the Azure Container Service
Docker Orchestration and the Azure Container Service
Using the HTML5 Canvas API to Build Rich Web Apps
PowerShell for Linux and macOS
Using Python with Visual Studio Code
Web Frameworks
Building Web Applications with Angular
Building Web Applications with React
Building Web Applications with React and Redux
Windows 10
Exploring Desktop Bridge
Starting with Desktop Bridge
Developing Apps for the Universal Windows Platform
Enhancing Universal Windows Platform Apps with Cortana


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