Getting started with Azure GPUs

I love tinkering with GPUs, from my early computer days with a Voodoo 2 and Quake 2 (Ahhhh, the Glide made those games look gorgeous….)


Recently Microsoft announced our Azure VMs with GPUs and their general availability. I figured I’d learn a bit more about them, and share the useful videos with you.

Introduction to NVIDIA GPUs in Azure – //build 2016

Link to the video. [25 MIN]


Microsoft Azure will be offering state of the art GPU visualization infrastructure and GPU compute infrastructure for various different scenarios like gaming, streaming, transcoding, machine learning, visualized CAD applications and many more other workloads that utilize GPUs. This session will give you a good technical overview of the technology that’s used to enable these GPUs into the Azure infrastructure and a roadmap including scenarios that we aim to fill with this capability.


Azure High Perf Computing [YouTube]

Link to the video. [10 MIN]


Brief overview from the Microsoft Mechanics blog, with Rick Claus from the Azure Compute team and Corey Sanders, a Director on the Azure Compute team.

One thing I learned from here is that Azure offers a set of VMs for computation and another set for visualization.

Time Stamps:

Manufacturing / Engineering

1:55 – Car model simulation

3:15 – Lightbox 3D model visualization

Gaming / Visualization

4:38 – 3DMark Sky Diver demo

Deep Learning / ML / Compute

5:55 – Overview, CPU vs GPU perf comparison

8:55 – What’s Next



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