Getting started with Docker & Kubernetes

This past week I had to work on a project with a customer around Docker and AKS (Azure Container Service).As part of the project, I needed to use the Docker-in-Docker image, but also needed to install the Azure CLI, so I created an image for it here: davevoyles/dind-azurecli

Recommended Reading

I’d highly recommend Nigel Poulton’s books, Docker Deep Dive & The Kubernetes Book before you do anything. Both are very brief, and you can read them in perhaps two hours each, and they are an incredible foundation for working with either tool.


Deploying a container

After you’ve gone through those, you’ll have have a solid foundation and be ready to actually do something with Docker. I used Azure’s new Web Apps for Containers service, which spins up a managed app service for you, and you simply point it at a Docker Hub or Azure’s Container Registry.

In minutes, I had a container running, was able to open the ports I needed, and was good to go.



I’d recommend hosting your Dockerfile in GitHub, then connecting it to the DockerHub, which hosts & builds the image itself. From there, your Azure App Container can activate continuous deployment, and update your App Service each time you make a change your Dockerfile on GitHub. Easy!

GitHub -> Docker Hub -> App Service





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