Game Dev Show 05 – Polish and Particles in Unity

Welcome back for another episode of the Game Dev Show. In this episode, Katherine “Kat” Harris talks about polishing your game by showing you the ins and outs of Unity’s Particle System. The Particle System within Unity is a powerful tool able to create a bunch of effects, from rain and dust to explosions and acid fog. @KatVHarris http://Unity3d.com/learn Topics…


What Is DRM (Digital Rights Management) And How Does It Work?

My goal with this video is to give an overview of what DRM is, how it works, and illustrate the history behind it so that you can understand why it is still around today. DRM is an systematic approach to copyright protection for digital goods. Its purpose is to prevent unauthorized redistribution of products and restrict the…


Indie Dev Podcast Ep 28 – Nick Robalik, PixelMetal

Nick Robalik is an independent Game Designer & Developer who started the NYC-based game studio PixelMetal in 2012. His goal is to make fun, entertaining games for people of all backgrounds and ages. His professional career spans over 15 years of Art & Creative Direction in the advertising and marketing industries, including work for Audi,…


It's Always Sunny at Philly Codefest

I had the pleasure of attending Drexel University’s Philly Codefest this weekend for the second year in a row. Students and professionals had 36 hours to create a project of their choice, then showcase it to a panel of judges. ———————– @DaveVoyles Subscribe to my startup, tech, and game dev newsletter

Ground Zero Texas (U) (Front)

Lets Play Ground Zero Texas (Sega CD 1993)

Mike, Mike, and Dave play through one of Dave’s favorite FMV titles on the 90s. I swear, I’m going to beat this again at some point. While it’s similar to Night Trap, the production quality is definitely superior, and this is listed as the “2nd generation” of FMV games from Digital Pictures.   ———————– @DaveVoyles…

Virtua Fighter (U) Front

Let's Play Virtua Fighter (Saturn, 1993)

Mike, Mike, and Dave play the original Virtua Fighter game, which isn’t terribly, but the jumping is as though you are on the moon. What’s up with the physics? Also, Sega re-released a remixed version of this game shortly after the original, with improved performance, textures, and less polygon popping. ———————– @DaveVoyles Subscribe to my…