Reactor FAQ

How do I schedule events at the Reactor?

Email, and we will work with the University City Science Center to get you on the calendar.

Does it cost anything to host events?

There is a $250 cleanup & security fee for events between 5:00pm- 8pm, but Microsoft can often foot the bill. Reach out to me for details.

Who can work out of the Reactor?

This free community space is open to everyone. Whether you are a student, startup, or coming from the enterprise, this is a space for you. There is a private meeting room, in addition to three phone booths, and a large speaking area.

What are the hours?

9am – 5pm, Mon – Fri
After hours events are available until 8pm.

How many people can fit?

We have desks and chairs which can hold up to 51 people. For additional space, we can also request use of the Quorum  above the Reactor.

When will you be hosting office hours?

As for the Evangelists, Dave Voyles will generally be there on Tuesdays, and Amanda Lange on Wednesdays. Other employees will come-and-go throughout the week.

What kind of events are hosted there?

Take a look at the San Francisco Reactor calendar of events to get a good idea of the content we’ll be hosting in Philadelphia.

What kind of hardware is available?

There are other devices on location, and all of which is available for the community to freely hack away on while they are at the Reactor.

Who are the people behind the Reactor?

You can find us all here!

Any kind of recording or live streaming equipment?

We have a camcorder and tripod, along with professional microphones, green screen, and lighting. We also have the ability to livestream events at the Reactor.

Who are the people behind the Reactor?

Come say hello, we’re all here!

What kind of talks / events will you be giving there?

These are a handful of topics I plan on covering over the next year. We’re always open to having the community come in and speak as well:

  • Creating Hybrid Mobile Apps
  • Building Xbox One games and apps with UWP
  • Create and deploy websites and virtual machines in the cloud
  • Creating high performance web apps with WebGL
  • Converting C / C++ to JavaScript in the browser with Emscripten
  • BizSpark overview – software and cloud for students and startups
  • How to pitch – investors, bosses, or peers
  • As a student, how do I enter the tech world?
  • Introduction to lives treaming – Twitch, YouTube, Ustream, Azure
  • Writing for the internet of things with a Raspberry Pi and Azure


You can find more information at our Microsoft Enterprise site.

 Where are you located?

3711 Market Street
Philadelphia, PA 19104
1st floor, Microsoft Reactor