Azure for startups

Azure for Startups GitHub repo was recently launched to help startups understand and engage with the Azure products and services most relevant to them. The repo includes targeted tutorials, code samples, templates and documentation – both unique content created by the Startup Evangelism team specifically for startups, as well as links to relevant content on…


Creating Digital Portfolios GaymerX East 2016

Tobiah Zarlez & I illustrate how to create digital portfolios by creating websites on Azure to showcase your work. Twitter: Web: ———————– @DaveVoyles Subscribe to my startup, tech, and game dev newsletter

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My notes from learning React & JSX

Learning a new front-end framework can be time consuming and often very difficult, due to the complexity that JavaScript allows for because it is a dynamically typed language. Whenever I learn something new, I create a new tab in OneNote and keep a list of the tutorials, helpful GitHub repos, and questions I have along the way. It’s only…


Building Shaders With Babylon.js

One of my colleagues at Microsoft, David Catuhe (@DeltaKosh) has been building Babylon.js, a free and open source WebGL framework for gaming and visualizations over the last few years. I fell in love with it immediately, largely due to the documentation, samples, and sandbox to learn and play around in. ———————– @DaveVoyles Subscribe to my…

What is a Technical Evangelist at Microsoft

What is a Technical Evangelist at Microsoft?

A Technical Evangelist is basically a developer who talks to developers. We build open source content, share the work that technical communities are doing, and grow developer ecosystems in the cities that we live in. I get asked this question all of the time, so I figured I’d put together a short video during my…