Technical Community Content / Presentations

Link to the GitHub Repository  This repo includes technical content optimized for the use within Community Events about Microsoft Azure and other Microsoft technologies, and is available to anyone who wants to use it under the MIT License. The contents of this Repo have been produced by and for Technical Community Groups who are interested…

How to get a career in the tech

How to get started in the tech world

  I gave a talk to computer science students at Temple University last year and recorded the audio. I never got around to creating a video (background image) for it until now. I’ve been asked to come back several times since the first instance that I gave this talk, so I thought it would be…


Microsoft Reactors—in a league of their own

I was part of the launch team behind Microsoft’s Reactor in Philadelphia back in November. Recently, our public sector (government) team had an opportunity to write about our three spaces across the United States, including San Francisco, New York, and Philadelphia. You can find that article here. ———————– @DaveVoyles Subscribe to my startup, tech, and…


What is a Technical Evangelist at Microsoft?

  I get asked this question all of the time, so I thought it was appropriate to explain exactly what this job is about and why I enjoy it so much.     What is a Tech Evangelist? from David Voyles ———————– @DaveVoyles Subscribe to my startup, tech, and game dev newsletter