Blocking Out Bubble Man's Level

I figured I would start with Bubble Man’s level because well…..he’s got the best music. I mean, just listen to this stuff. Anyway, I’m a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to Mega Man, so I started off by breaking the map into chunks and measuring out how large each block was. Once I had a standard for measuring, I applied it to each block on the map. 50 pixels in Photoshop is equal to 384 Unreal Units (UUs). Therefore, I applied 8x to every pixel measurement I did in photoshop (since 50p / 384uu = 7.7, we’ll round to 8) and that’s how I got the math.

Now that I’ve got the Photoshop work done, it’s time to actually block it out in Unreal. I’m using the May 2011 build, as there really haven’t been any major benefits worth upgrading for, at least in terms for this game.

I’ve begun to do that for part 1 of the map, which you can see below, and am currently working on finishing part 2, the vertical sequence.

After I finish that up I plan on starting the Kismet sequence for the vertical drops. Ever notice how the camera lags for a moment as Mega Man drops between scenes?  Take a look here. As I begin to integrate that I’ll write up another tutorial.

I’ve already coded the classes for the camera system, but it’s far easier to use triggers and kismet to create the lag delay when dropping between vertical sequences. If you want to see how I did the camera, look at this tutorial.

(Look below for more pictures!)

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