Let's Play Dracula Unleashed (DOS, 1993)

I love old video games. I particularly love old FMV games, and that’s exactly why I’m doing a bunch of “Let’s Plays” over the next year. I finally have my setup configured correctly at home where I can easily record, edit, and share footage, so I decided to post my first project this week.You can find my YouTube channel here.

Dracula Unleashed

As Alexander Morris, the player must travel to specific locations in London at certain times with certain items gathered throughout Morris’ travels in order to gather clues about the events which occur during the game and achieve victory over Dracula.

– Wikipedia

I cover a bit of the history of Dracula, as well as this game and the various platforms that Dracula Unleashed appeared on during this four part series, which takes place over the course of the game, I bought this on the Sega CD in the mid 90s, but I couldn’t find the first disc when I searched around my home this weekend, so I wound up recording the DOS version that I acquired at a yard sale for only $1 last year!

I recorded all of the footage with OBS (Open Broadcast Software) and edited it with Camtasia. I plan on having a brief video series in the future about what my setup looks like, and I’m all ears when it comes to criticisms and ways to improve, so let me know what you think!



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