About Me

Why hello hello!

I am a construction worker and self-taught software engineer. I explain how I did it on this podcast. If I can do it, anyone can, and my site is a resource to show you how.

Sometimes I write games, sometimes I write about games, sometimes I write about how to write games.

I’m a Technical Evangelist for Microsoft, working out of Philadelphia. This has me working with startups and students across the country to build their projects from both a technical and business perspective. I’m an MBA dropout, community builder, author, and self-taught  software engineer.

I was previously a Senior Software Engineer on the Product Dev  team at Comcast, where I worked on Xbox One, 360 & cutting edge tech for the browser and video streaming technology.

I wrote  the UnrealScript Game Programming Cookbook, which covers advanced programming techniques for the Unreal Engine. It’s available in both physical and digital forms, such as Amazon’s Kindle, and .pdf.

Reach out to me if you’d like to know more, I’d love to talk.


 Updated 8/14/16




I’m a former personal trainer, and also a very active runner, in addition to playing on a number of lacrosse teams to stay in shape. An avid musician, I’ve been playing the guitar for 16 years . Having always had an affinity for flight, I am finishing my private pilot’s license too, flying Cessna 172’s and recently completed my first solo flight.

I was raised on Long Island and worked in Manhattan for most of my adult life, but I now reside in lovely Philadelphia.