Professional Work

Xbox Live Indie Games  Uprisings

Indie Games Uprising


Responsibilities include:

  • Creating press releases and marketing materials
  • Serving as the face of the promotion
  • Coordinating efforts between all developers
  • Developing rules and guidelines for the promotion
  • Oversee the scope of the project, from initial design to completed implementation
  • Also featured on the Joystiq Show – 04: The Toys of Summer
Contributing Author – November 2011 issue, Game Developer Magazine 

C# / Xbox Live Indie Games

Pizong Coverart

C# | XNA

Developed this Xbox Live Indie Game, which is a prettier version of Pong with some added features and a rocking soundtrack.

• Written in C#, using Microsoft’s XNA platform
• Incorporated the Mercury Particle Engine for all trail and particle effects
• Also handled art duties, from the backgrounds and textures to the cover art
• Next goal is to rewrite the app for cross platform gaming using MonoGame for Win8, iOS, and Android compatibility

HTML5 / JavaScript

Super Rawr-Type Redux

Super Rawr-Type Redux


Developed in 30 days, utilizing many of the sprites from Tyrian, as well as some of my own programmer art. I built upon Super Rawr Type and re-wrote that game in 2 days to start this project.


Promo Splash 846x468

Super Rawr-Type


Developed in 30 days, utilizing many of the sprites from Tyrian, as well as some of my own programmer art. I built upon Super Rawr Type and re-wrote that game in 2 days to start this project.

Unreal Development Kit

Author & Technical Reviewer – Packt Publishing
Author – Advanced UnrealScript Programming Cookbook

Authored a book with 8 chapters covering advanced programming techniques for the UnrealEngine. I’ve covered everything from AI, pathfinding, and cameras, to weapons, HUD, and IDEs.


Tech Reviewer – UDK Game Programming with Unreal Script: Beginner’s Guide
Tech ReviewerUnreal Development Kit: Beginner’s Guide

1925EXP_UDK Game Programming with UnrealScript Beginner's Guide0522OT_Unreal Development Kit Beginners Guide_0 (1)

Role included: Providing technical feedback on the content, verifying that all information regarding the tool kit is correct, keeping up to date with changes made to the engine, and providing additional examples and supporting details.

Death Sentence (cancelled) – Environment Artist | Web Developer | UnrealScript Programmer

A vehicular shooter similar to Twisted Metal, taking place in the near future within a post apocalyptic world. Currently planned for the PC, however an iOS port is in being considered at the moment as well.
Responsible for creating 3D models of environmental assets, as well as web development. Take a look at the site which contains videos, screens, bios on team members, but please note that it  is currently under construction.

– Objects include: pylons, guard rails, satellites, fencing, transformers, street signs, solar panels.


Mega Man 2 (Unreal Engine Remake) 
Environment Artist | UnrealScript Programmer | 3D Character Artist

  • This serves as the prototype for my own game, which will follow shortly after. Currently have a working prototype, in which I implemented 3D models, material, and textures using a variety of 3D/2D art packages. I’m proficient with all aspects of design, including programming, scripting, modeling, texturing and gameplay concepts.

Speaking Arrangements


GDC Europe 2011

Panelist / Speaker – Indie’s Got PR Talent
A panel of veteran indie games journalists share their opinions, advice and expertise critiquing the PR efforts of indie developers in the format of popular game show Britain’s Got Talent.

GDC Europe 2012

Speaker – Marketing For Indies – The Indie Games Summer Uprising
A 60 minute speech, where I covered the ins-and-outs of a marketing campaign in which we gathered over 70 XBLIG developers to promote the best titles on Xbox LIVE.

Selected Writing Features

GDC Europe 2011: Industry vets share tips on approaching publishers
How to market your game, XBLIG style: Part 1
XNA Community Team chats with developers about Dream.Build.Play
Graphic design firm contracts script to create 5k Live Silver accounts
Get to know your XNA MVPs – Part 1:  What is an MVP?
Sound design in gaming: An art not yet forgotten: Part 1




A top-down 4 player party game created at NYU during the What Would Molydeux Game Jam

• Responsibilities include: UI, controls, and a bit of the AI
• Developed in 48 hours with the goal of utilizing the theme of  ”blindness”

A Pulse In The Dark
C# | Unity
A top-down single player experience based around the theme of “heart beat”, created during the Global Game Jam

• Responsibilities include: Intro menu, enemy AI, some player movements
• Developed in 48 hours during the 2013 Global Game Jam at NYU with a team of several people
A playable build for the web browser is available here.

Windows Phone 8

Spell and Speak for Windows Phone 8

Spell and Speak for Windows Phone 8

Spell and Speak (Windows Phone 8)
C# | XAML / Developer
A children’s game for ages 3-6, designed to teach them to recognize images and learn to spell
Marketplace link

• Utilizes the text-speech API to recognize user input then respond with audible cues
• Next application will utilize speech-to-text voice recognition API

Web Development

JavaScript / HTML / CSS  

Crafted a website for my current employer to  illustrate projects we’ve worked on and clients associated with

• Sole developer/designer on the project
• Utilizes an art gallery to showcase projects and awards received over the years