Bunker Labs 1

Bunker Labs PHL event at Pennovation Center for empowering veteran entrepreneurs

On Wednesday, Nov 16th, I attend an event hosted by  Bunker Labs, the national nonprofit empowering veteran entrepreneurs, is celebrating its first year in Philly with a celebration of veteran entrepreneurship. The Muster PHL: Big Ideas for America event was held at the at the newly-inaugurated Pennovation Center, Upenn’s co-working space with some incredible projects going on, many…


Azure for startups

Azure for Startups GitHub repo was recently launched to help startups understand and engage with the Azure products and services most relevant to them. The repo includes targeted tutorials, code samples, templates and documentation – both unique content created by the Startup Evangelism team specifically for startups, as well as links to relevant content on…


Creating Digital Portfolios GaymerX East 2016

Tobiah Zarlez & I illustrate how to create digital portfolios by creating websites on Azure to showcase your work. Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/TobiahZarlez http://www.twitter.com/DaveVoyles Web: http://www.TobiahZ.com http://www.DaveVoyles.com ———————– @DaveVoyles Subscribe to my startup, tech, and game dev newsletter